Art and Oreos: A Sweet Collaboration at the Oreo Pop-Up Shop

The delight of partnering with a beloved brand can be a truly fulfilling experience, as it was for me when Oreo’s extended an invitation to collaborate on a project. As a child, I cherished those iconic cookies, and this opportunity felt like a full-circle moment, a chance to make my younger self proud by working with a company whose products I’ve adored for years.

The journey began when Oreo’s approached me to work on a project. However, it wasn’t an instantaneous green light. They wanted to see if my artistic skills aligned with their vision. So, I dedicated the following days to create a simple design that would resonate with their event. Thankfully, my artistic style harmonised with their expectations, marking the start of an exciting collaboration.

Oreo’s had something innovative in mind – the Oreo Twist Lab. This was more than just another product launch; it was a unique experience. The new Oreo twist cookies featured a tantalising combination of raspberry and caramel flavours, and the designs had to incorporate a twist or swirl pattern, along with the signature Oreo blue, pink, and caramel colours. While the prompt wasn’t overly detailed, it presented a creative challenge that I was eager to embrace.

The creative process often starts modestly, and this project was no exception. Armed with pen and paper, I began exploring design ideas. For the jumper design, I came up with a compelling concept – an orange snake coiled around a blue rose. Meanwhile, for the skateboard design, I let my imagination run wild, creating a mesmerising dragon motif against a background reminiscent of a Mayan temple, drawing inspiration from the Oreo’s signature print.

The project culminated in an immersive event, the Oreo Pop-Up Shop in Soho. Here, I had the honour of creating designs on the spot – eight designs a day, 45 minutes each, in front of customers. As part of the experience, I painted t-shirts, notepads, and water bottles, all the while engaging in conversations with customers. It was a unique opportunity to connect, share stories, and discuss art, adding a personal touch to each piece.

Looking back, this project stands as one of the most rewarding experiences of my artistic journey. It pushed the boundaries of my skills and allowed me to demonstrate my abilities as an artist. Witnessing the recipients of my designs in person, observing their joy and appreciation, was a truly heart-warming experience. It reinforced the power of art to connect people and bring smiles to their faces.

Collaborating with Oreo’s at the Pop-Up Shop was not only a testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity but also a delightful journey into the world of art, flavours, and human connection. It’s a sweet reminder that even iconic brands like Oreo’s value the artistic spirit and are willing to bring it to life in the most delightful ways.

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