Create Your own shoe

Below you can see one of my clients had an orange van and wanted a matching pair of vans. Using the van for inspiration i was able to create the mock up which pulled features from the Volkswagen.

How to Get Started...

Send me an email detailing the follow :

  • What shoe would you like customised ?
  • What is your shoe size ?
  • Is there a deadline ?
  • Is this item for yourself or a gift ?
  • Do you already have a design in mind? If so could you give me a description and do you have picture references ?
  • If you are not certain, send me an email detailing your hobbies and interests, favourite characters and artists or what ever excites you and we can come up with a design together.

I'll get to drawing allowing you to visualise your creation and make any alterations that you seem fit.

Go Time

Once you can seen the sketch and you are happy with it, ill be able to accurately quote you as ill be able to see how much work will need to be done.

Once i have received the final confirmation order, ill start sourcing the shoe if needed which can take up to 2 weeks due to low stocks for Air Force 1's and Jordan 1's. To by pass this delay you can pay extra to get the shoes from authenticated resellers such as StockX.

Once the shoes are within my possession it should only take me about a week to get them finished and shipped directly to your door.

If you would like to send me an images for reference, feel free to send them over via :

Email :
Instagram : @DoYouCustoms

Contact us

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