Shark Teeth Custom Old Skool Vans

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Custom variations
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The standard version of this custom comes with just the teeth on the outer side of the shoe and will comes with the standard shoe box.

The double variation comes with teeth on both sides on the shoe, giving it that full custom feel. You get double the amount of art for a fraction of the price !

The premium version of this custom is for the Elite out there who are looking to get a full premium experience. You will receive a double teeth custom shoe as well as hand painted packaging which contains a discount code for your next purchase as well as a how to maintain you custom card.

As for the painting process I use Angelus paints for shoe customisation as well as a clear coat for added protection, thus rendering the shoe water and scratch resistant. I start by laying down multiple coats of white to set a nice base coat, allowing the black and red to properly pop as well as strengthening the shoe. Once the original coat is set I then sketch out the teeth design which follows specific set of rules which allow me to repeat this design with the same results. Now that the design has been laid out it makes it easier to follow up with the red, black and finish with the clear coat.

All order will be double boxed while shipped to keep the Condition of the shoe and its box in perfect condition.

All orders are made to order which means I begin painting when the order has been confirmed and can take me up to 3 days to 2 weeks to complete.

If you have any questions or issues with this shoe feel free to message me and i'll get back to you on the same day!

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